Here is an Easy Way to Straighten your Hair Permanently with Natural Ingredients


Sporting silky, straight hair is one of our beauty goals. Most women would invest large sums of cash to undergo salon treatments and purchase hair care products that promise to deliver straight hair. Unfortunately, not all women are able to afford such luxurious treatments and products. Fear not! There are ways on how to get straight hair right in the comfort of your own home and with the use of simple and all-natural ingredients!

Here are ways on how you can straighten that unruly, frizzy hair for good! Just follow these steps!

What you need

  • 1 cup of coconut oil
  • 2 tablespoons of olive oil
  • 3 teaspoons of cornstarch
  • 1 freshly-squeezed lemon

What to do

  • Combine all ingredients and mix well until you get a well-blended mixture
  • Apply the homogenous mixture directly into your hair. Make sure to pull the hair straight during application.
  • Place a shower cap or a cling wrap on your hair. Cover the plastic wrap with a towel.
  • Leave the solution on your hair for at least two hours.

This all-natural hair mask will straighten your hair without going to the salon. In addition to its straightening effects, the ingredients found in the solution are loaded with vitamins and minerals that address other common hair problems. Not only will your hair straighten out but it will leave it nourished from scalp to the hair strands. You can apply the mixture as often as you can. Over time, you will notice that your hair is silkier, straighter, smoother, and stronger too! Visit to learn more beauty tips.

The Therapeutic Benefits of Chamomile Oil


There are many uses to chamomile essential oil. Its inherent qualities make it a useful essential oil to have around at home. It boasts antiseptic, antibiotic, antidepressant, antineuralgic, antiphlogistic, antispasmodic, and carminative properties just to name a few of its many features.

Essential chamomile oil is primarily extracted from the chamomile plant, a very popular flower-bearing plant. There are two chamomile species, each with its’ own set of unique properties. Roman chamomile oil and German chamomile oil have different compositions which means that you need to identify your needs prior to picking out the right chamomile essential oil to address your health needs.

Roman chamomile oil has a calming effect whilst German chamomile oils are usually being used as a potent anti-inflammatory agent due to its high concentration of Azulene. Chamomile essential oils usually come in deep clue shade.

Both the German and Roman chamomile oil are being used to manage symptoms that are connected with emotions, the skin, and the nervous system. Traditionally, chamomile essential oil is being used to relax the nerves. It also conditions both mind and body to a restful sleep. It is a popular essential oil for those who desire to have a peaceful sleep ay night.

The Major Benefits of Chamomile Essential Oil

  • Relief from Anxiety

In ancient times, chamomile essential oil was used to treat anxiety among Roman soldiers who are to set out to battles. In addition, it also induces a strong sense of purpose for those who used it before fights. Based on clinical research, this essential oil has shown promising results in the treatment of patients suffering from generalized anxiety disorder of GAD.

  • Depression Management

Those who have long been suffering from depression may use chamomile oil in lifting their spirits to an all-new sense of wellness. Chamomile in its essential oil firm is being used during bath time to induce further relaxation.

  • Nerve Pain and Fatigue Relief

People who are suffering from conditions that affect the nerves should use chamomile oil to alleviate symptoms such as prickling sensation and sharp pain in affected regions. Chamomile essential oil acts as a nerve tonic, thus it can reduce the frequency of symptoms altogether. You can mix chamomile essential oil with olive oil directly into the affected region and then massage it for faster rate of absorption. You may also infused chamomile essential oil in a tub of water for a warm and relaxing bath.

Life Insurance Policy for Parents of Children with Special Needs (47)

Life insurance helps in establishing a secure and stable future for children with special needs, while delivering that much-needed peace of mind to parents too.

Strategic planning and management are crucial to avoid mistakes and ensuring your child’s eligibility for important and substantial government benefits.

If you are a parent of a child with special needs, you are not alone. There are many programs and organizations that help parents to apply for government benefits for children with special needs. Insurance companies understand that parents of kids with special needs have their own unique set of life insurance requirements too.

Apart from basic needs, parents of children with special needs have a lot of expenses on their shoulders. They invest not only money, but also time away from work in order to take care of their child. The ongoing medical bills as a result of their children’s condition makes the life of parents with special needs more challenging than the rest of us.

If your child has special needs, you need to think strategically. Apart from the benefits that you receive from the government, you also need to purchase a life insurance that will benefit you and your child. Term life insurance is not ideal in the case of parents with special needs as it only delivers short-term financial stability. Permanent life insurance such as whole life or universal life are more viable options as they ensure lifetime protection and guaranteed death benefits for policy owners.

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5 Techniques For Banishing Dry Skin

If you frequently find yourself suffering from dry skin, you need to make sure your skincare habits are healthy before you start slathering on more moisturizer. Taking the right steps (and taking Lifecell) can make dry skin far less common and keep your skin healthier and more attractive.

1) Stay Out Of The Sun

Excessive exposure to sunlight doesn’t just cause premature aging; it also dries out your skin. Wear an adequate sunscreen (including a lip balm) whenever you’re headed outside and dress to minimize the amount of skin that’s directly exposed.

2) Stop Using Harsh Products

Avoid excessive exfoliation and stay away from astringents, peels, and other alcohol-based products. Try replacing your soap with an all-natural product that’s free of perfumes or fragrances for maximum tenderness.

3) Shave Right

If shaving is a vital part of your beauty routine, do it right. Shave right after showering or bathing so that your hair is soft and easy to remove. Always use a moisturizing gel or cream. Shave with the grain of your hair to minimize irritation.

4) Invest In A Humidifier

Dry indoor air can dehydrate your skin, especially in winter. Buy a good humidifier to make moisture levels in your bedroom more skin-friendly. Overnight humidifier use will go a long way towards eliminating dry skin, especially in the winter.

5) Shower Warm, Not Hot

Although a piping-hot shower feels great, it tends to strip away the natural oils that your skin needs to hold in moisture. Keep your showers brief and don’t push the temperature any higher than is necessary for comfort.

3 Common Effects of Stress

Stress is a common condition that has been shown to have a number of emotional, physical, and psychological effects. This is why it is important to look for help when you start to see some of the symptoms. Stress can be controlled and the effects minimized. Some of the common effects of stress include erectile dysfunction (check erectile dysfunction info).

Stress causes the muscles to tense up in order to protect themselves from injury. If you are constantly under stress, your muscles don’t get enough time to relax. Tight muscles cause headaches, back, and shoulder pain. This is common in people with stress, and many times, many of them stop exercising and turn to pain medication. This starts an unhealthy cycle.

When you are under stress, the liver will produce extra blood sugar to give a boost in energy. The unused sugar will be then reabsorbed into the body. If you are under stress regularly, the body may not be able to keep up with the extra sugar, and this can lead to an increased risk of Type 2 diabetes.

During stress, you breathe faster because the body is trying to distribute oxygen and blood quickly to the core of the body. This can make it hard for you to breathe if you have respiratory problems such as emphysema or asthma.

Georges Briard Egyptian Tumblers


I know these aren’t actually mugs but really tumblers – but they were still so interesting that I decided to put them up on the site. They are Georges Briard designed clear glass tumblers with some fanciful, kitschy Egyptian symbols on them. The design is printed in red, blue, black and gold metal leaf on the clear tumbler. The design looks pretty elaborate and over the top, and I almost didn’t pick them up (there were four but I only got the two).

Georges Briard Tumblers - Mad About Mugs

The signature left no doubt that they were Briard designed items – these are the only items designed by him that I’ve come across so far at the thrift. I have no idea as to the date of when they were produced, but I’d guess 70s.

Hollywood Craftsmen (Nasco) Mug



Frequently, I get some duplication on the collector blogs that we run – this heavy brown Hollywood Craftsmen mug is both Mug related and California Pottery related. Instead of explaining again, I’m going to send you over to read about it on Potteries of California.

More Glasbake “Tulip Picnic” Mugs



I found the companion to the Tulip Picnic mug in red found earlier. This one is a verde type of green which is pretty interesting because I haven’t seen that color before. As stated previously, there are some other companies besides McKee (Glasbake) that used the same pattern on their mugs. I’ve seen blue, brown, red and green ones now – they also have matching bowls in the pattern.

Kup-O-Ko Mug



This is a really interesitng mug that I have no idea about the maker. The mug and the font of the words on it reminded me of something from the 50s, but I still don’t know whether it is new or not. There are no markings on the bottom of the mug at all. It’s a strange shape with a very sharp angled handle. It is mostly just a brownish glaze and the mug is rather heavy duty – like restaurant china. The words “Kup-O-Ko” are in raised letters on the side – I assume that’s short for “Cup of Coffee”?

Green Blue Flower Pyrex Mugs


I’ve seen these Pyrex mugs a few times on Ebay. My thought was that they were part of another beverage server set that Pyrex was known to make which featured six of the 1410 style mugs like these plus a carafe. However, I haven’t seen the full set yet – we won’t put them in the pyrexlove ref until we find out what they are.


They have a really unusual color combination, bands of baby blue flowers on an avocado verde base. I’m not sure why they chose this particular color scheme – I was thinking maybe the carafe would provide more answers. There are four different flower bands, all of them different and interestingly not equidistantly spaced. A Flickr reader has noted that perhaps the 4 bands correspond to the different seasons of the year. So, the top row would be Summer (roses?), the next one would be Fall (mums/asters?), the next would be Winter (holly perhaps?) and the last one would be Spring (the flowers from the spring blossom pattern).